1) It is good to DREAM – This is your life and you should apply to the schools you want to attend. While I will guide you toward the schools to which I think you have a good chance of acceptance, I will never discourage you from applying to the school of your dreams. I will be brutally honest about your chances – but if you want to take the time to do the application for a reach school, I will do everything in my power to make it the best application it can be.

2) HONESTY leads to success  - My role is to help you achieve your best chances of success and I can only do that if I can be brutally honest. School a long shot? I will let you know. Essay not ready for submission the day before you leave for vacation? I am going to tell you. The final decision is always yours but you can be sure to count on me for the information.

3) The TRUTH is generally the best policy - candidates always develop better applications when they write from the heart.  I will help you find your best self – I will never encourage you to change your story to fit a mold. Years of experience have taught me that candidates do their best work when they write from the heart. 

4) Your WRITING should be provocative but not perfect. While I will help you make your essays as polished as possible, I want to ensure your true voice comes through. Schools judge your ability to convey a message to a business audience - not to write the perfect essay. English not your first language? It shouldn't sound like it is. I will edit your essays while ensuring your writing style remains intact.

5)  ETHICS are vital to this business – This is your application and it needs to come from you. I am here to coach you and to advise you. I will edit your application but I will not write it. I will never cross the bounds of what is considered ethical by schools. We can discuss in more detail in your consultation.

6) BUSINESS is as important as academia – MBA consulting firms have different philosophies as to whether coaches should come from the business world or the academic world. There is no right or wrong answer. While it is a given that having a writing background and an MBA from a top school is a prerequisite for coaching – I strongly believe that maintaining a pulse on business is equally important. You need to project in your essays that you know what will be expected of you when you complete your degree. As a business executive, a writer, and a coach, I can help you craft your long-term goals and commit them to paper.