+ Why should I choose an individual coach over a full-scale consulting firm?

1) Money. I have no overhead - and I pass those savings on to you.

2) Flexibility. As an individual I create the rules. I can change a package to fit your needs or schedule a call at midnight. Before you sign up we will discuss how to best work together - and I will personalize your contract to fit those needs.

+ I haven't heard of your services before. How do I know you have the proper training?

I branched out on my own only after receiving training from one of the top consulting firms in the industry. I offer testimonials from former Clients upon request.

+ It is hard for me to schedule calls during work. Is it possible to talk in the evenings?

Absolutely! I have blocks of time available evenings and weekends.

+ Do you work with international Clients?

Yes. I have worked with applicants from Mexico, China, India, Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom and Ecuador to name a few. And while this probably goes without saying - I have worked with multitudes of US candidates over the years.

+ Why do you offer such limited hourly services?

As your advisor, my role is to partner with you to give you your best chance of success - and time should not be a hindrance. I believe hourly services are in direct conflict with the partnership model. Additionally, the quality and quantity of editing should not be related to payment. I do offer limited services for applicants who are concerned about taking the plunge as I recognize admissions consulting is a big commitment.