Admissions Statistics for the Class of 2019

  • 10,351: The number of applications Harvard Business School received
  • 11%: The number of candidates Harvard Business School admitted 
  • 737: The average GMAT score for the entering class at Stanford Business School
  • 65: The number of countries represented at Wharton
  • 3.5: The average GPA for the entering class at Colombia Business School

You have seen the statistics. They are widely available. They do not paint a rosy picture - but they don’t tell the full story either. The real question should be: what is behind the statistics?

Now for some lesser known facts – information schools are more hesitant to share

  • Applicants are not created equal. A candidate does not compete against the full pool of applicants – a candidate competes against applicants with a similar profile
  • It is possible to be admitted to a top ten school with a GMAT score under 600 
  • The short-term and long-term career goals you indicate on your application do matter
  • Schools manage their yield. You have a better chance of gaining admission if a school believes you will accept their offer

How do you beat these odds? How do you increase your chance of admission at HBS? How do you move the needle from 12% to 40%?

That is where I enter the picture. As an MBA application advisor, I have experience helping candidates figure out how to pinpoint the most interesting parts of their background while providing some tricks of the trade.